‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Make A Meme Of Brienne Writing In The Book of Brothers


This post contains spoilers for the Game Of Thrones series finale.

The Game of Thrones series finale has finally come and gone, leaving fans with plenty to joke and complain about amid the hangovers. And one part of the finale quickly spawned a meme. The meme concerns the moment Ser Brienne of Tarth was tasked with writing a posthumous entry about Jaime Lannister in the Book of Brothers. People on Twitter jokingly speculated about what she could (or should) record about Jaime for posterity. One thing is for sure; she’s not writing any damn petitions.

People quickly drew a comparison to Wikipedia:

Brienne out here altering Jaime Wikipedia page

— Tyler R. Tynes (@TylerRickyTynes) May 20, 2019

Brienne spending her last scene editing Jaime's wikipedia page is a robbery

— ser wikipedia brown of the free north (@eveewing) May 20, 2019

Game of Thrones is the epic story of the creation of Jaime Lannister's Wikipedia entry

— 'Weird Alex' Pareene (@pareene) May 20, 2019

While other all-stars reimagined what she wrote:


— Mike Drucker (@MikeDrucker) May 20, 2019

So this is what Brienne wrote in the back of the Book of Brothers.#GameofThrones pic.twitter.com/GwE5Wk2TGi

— ᴘʜᴀɴᴛᴀsᴍs (@PhantasmsFX) May 20, 2019


— Jesse McLaren (@McJesse) May 20, 2019


— Frank Pallotta (@frankpallotta) May 20, 2019


— Ben Mekler (@benmekler) May 20, 2019


— In the Dummy Thicc of it (@hyenasandgin) May 20, 2019


"Jaime Lannister, the Kingslayer."

Brienne : pic.twitter.com/hjUIHpCr4r

— Jo🇫🇷 (@Joebius) May 20, 2019


— Katie Notopoulos 🎈 (@katienotopoulos) May 20, 2019


— Ashley Burns (@MayorBurnsy) May 20, 2019

#GameOfThrones pic.twitter.com/DQ6gdxYJkj

— Anthony Oliveira (@meakoopa) May 20, 2019


— Dave Itzkoff (@ditzkoff) May 20, 2019


— nick (@nick_pants) May 20, 2019

Whoa, that’s the cool “S”. You know what else is cool? Bloggers. (If I repeat this often enough, people might stop offering condolences after asking what I do for a living.) And now Brienne is one of us:

can’t believe brienne of tarth became…..a blogger

— Aaron Edwards (@aaronmedwards) May 20, 2019

ser brienne of tarth writin’ history without an editor or fact checker in workout clothes she is a blogger i dig it pic.twitter.com/mEEQYvuY0Y

— ryan sutton (@qualityrye) May 20, 2019

Or perhaps Brienne writes a column for a newspaper only one time per week and can somehow afford a millionaire’s lifestyle in a big village:


— Gabriella Paiella (@GMPaiella) May 20, 2019

I couldn’t help but wonder…was I a knight playing the game of thrones or was I played by a knight throwing game???? pic.twitter.com/rjBTNCwUgX

— rachel syme (@rachsyme) May 20, 2019

"and i couldn't help but wonder, maybe this game of thrones was no game after all" pic.twitter.com/vXWcWYrBKS

— Dave Itzkoff (@ditzkoff) May 20, 2019

Other people made different observations:

Brienne of Tarth, more like Brienne of Marth…a Stewart, my good bitch is up here SCRAP BOOKING

— Jasmine Sha-Ree Sanders (@JasMoneyRecords) May 20, 2019

Brienne already posting her version of the final season to Tumblr. #GOT pic.twitter.com/804DJPWMoJ

— Ryan “Tweets” McGee (@TVMcGee) May 20, 2019

Ser Brienne should have been starting HER OWN PAGE in the dingdang king's guard diary #got #gameofthrones #spoilers

— andrea grimes (@andreagrimes) May 20, 2019

And people suggested Brienne use this opportunity to take revenge on the guy who ghosted her:

Brienne writing the history for Jaime? She gonna finish it off like "Left a good woman to die in a tunnel with his incestuous twin lover… a whole bitch." #DemThrones pic.twitter.com/cVQP59aPKG

— M’BlockU (@rodimusprime) May 20, 2019

Brienne should have been petty and wrote: He died protecting the sister he was having sex with. Dirty ass. #DemThrones

— Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) May 20, 2019

oh man Brienne, I wish I had the power to write the history of the last man who ghosted me

"Had a littleth dick"
"Couldn't even hittith it right"
"Slept with his sister like SO MUCH"

— HOT GIRL ASH (@arayyay) May 20, 2019

“died of penis being too small and unable to get boners disease, really sad” pic.twitter.com/5bfzpLrbFa

— Dr. Megan Simon (@myspacemegan) May 20, 2019

Jamie Lannister is the nastiest skank bitch I have ever met. Do not trust him, he is a fugly slut. #GameofThrones #GOT pic.twitter.com/N4I3XvBeBy

— Dana Nugent (@DMNug) May 20, 2019

Or perhaps she could take the high road:

“Also I porked him” pic.twitter.com/Pfdhv6hWp3

— Ej Dickson (@ejdickson) May 20, 2019

"In the end, Jamie Lannister had the best sex of his life and died from pure ecstasy 48 hours later with a gigantic smile on his face and a tear in his eye thinking about the tall drink of water who put it on him" pic.twitter.com/8w976NicSI

— David Dennis Jr. (@DavidDTSS) May 20, 2019

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